Creators of a class apart identity.

EAPL Group is a Bangalore-Hyderabad based group, headed by its Managing Director, Shri A Praveen, a Civil Engineer with an industry experience of 16 years.

The group has been involved in real estate development for nearly 2 decades, establishing innovative concepts of construction , which defy conventional standards and offer a fresh approach to living style. At the EAPL Group we believe that perfect homes are not just about beautifully furnished rooms but designs which are based on the principles that offer a healthy and comfortable life.

EAPL Group

To be a premier player in the construction industry recognised for innovative and far sighted approach. Our aim is to blend client oriented relationships with quality service.

To offer our customers the highest level of quality construction services within time schedules at fair and market competitive prices and maintain the highest level of professionalish, integrity, honesty and fairness in our
relationship with them.