Sri Sai Acropolis

Hosa Road, off Hosur Road, Bangalore.

Project Introduction

Human nature has always yearned for the best right across civilisations, continents and even history. As a community we've always tried to distinguish ourselves from the humdrum world by choosing the best of places to live in.

Sri Sai ACROPOLIS has been conceived, designed and executed by a core team of Architects, Structural Engineers & Facilitation Consultants.

Sri Sai ACROPOLIS isn't just a structure but encompases the vision, dreams and yearnings of the people who form the community.

Sri Sai ACROPOLIS offers you an ideal abode, right at the heart of your work and personal life, but away from the noise, dust and grime of the urban landscape.

A destination that segregates us from the routine and the uninspiring. Be it the citadels of Rome, the Quaint flavor of Scottish Villas or the dizzying heights of Manhattan. Sri Sai Acropolis is a dedication to the quest of the best that lies within each one of us. Welcome to the community of the privileged, ladies and gentlemen.

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